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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

On behalf of the management and staff of Abington Reldan Metals, LLC, we want to take the opportunity to ensure our clients and the community of our strong commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible, safe and conscientious manner.

Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment by reusing, recycling and refining scrap commodities. This will ensure we have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the volume to landfill.

Abington Reldan Metals, LLC, a precious metals reclaiming and processing company, is committed to an effective Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that ensures implementation of the following commitments:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental and safety legislation, regulatory, and non-regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that all employees at all levels are made aware of and are actively involved in the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and programs through appropriate training and information.
  • Ensure that suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc. who may perform work for or on behalf of Abington Reldan Metals, LLC are made aware of the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, and that any work performed adheres to the goals established as a result of this policy.
  • To make clients/suppliers aware of data security issues and address their data security and privacy requirements through the secure destruction of data contained in e-Waste and other feedstock.
Continual Improvement
  • Continual improvement of the Environmental, Health and Safety Management System.
Prevention of Pollution
  • Use processes, materials, or products that avoid, reduce or control pollution.
Accountability for all Hazardous e-Waste throughout the Recycling Chain
  • Prohibit export of Hazardous Electronic Waste throughout the Recycling Chain which violates the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal as well as any national laws pertaining to exporting, importing and transiting this waste stream.
Conform to the requirements of Social Accountability 8000 when dealing with workers
  • By complying with national and other applicable laws.
  • To continually improve by reviewing its policy by taking into consideration changes in legislation.
  • By prohibiting the use of prison labor and forced child labor for the processing of Hazardous e-Waste throughout the Recycling Chain

This policy shall be used as a framework for setting and reviewing the objectives and targets. This policy is applicable to and communicated to employees of Abington Reldan Metals, LLC. This policy has been authorized by the top management of Abington Reldan Metals, LLC is available to the public upon request.

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